Queen Victoria’s Mother Was A Toxic Parent


May 23, 2012

The historical novel, Victoria’s Royal Secret, exposes one of the young Queen Victoria’s hidden secrets. Mothers and daughters have always had their issues. So too did Queen Victoria and her mother. In this newly published novel, now available from Amazon.com, their complicated relationship is uncovered. A passive parent is just as toxic as an abusive parent and this story exposes all. There is no doubt that Victoria was the victim of an abusive upbringing. Even though she was a royal princess with an incredible future, she was a distressed, unhappy child until the age of eighteen when she ascended the throne.

Victoria’s royal father the Duke died when she was only a baby and her mother’s private secretary took on the dominant role of father of the household. He was strict and verbally abusive towards the princess and her mother and cared only about his own advancement. The traumatic result of which left Victoria with low self esteem even though she wore the Crown of England. She was desperate for praise and needy for affection. Her relationships with her husband, her Prime ministers and her acquaintances clearly indicates this sad characteristic. Unfortunately she in turn became a critical and unaffectionate parent herself.

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