Queen Victoria’s Father – A Strange Death


November 13, 2011

The young Queen Victoria suspected her mother’s lover of “arranging” her father’s death.

After extensive research, I am convinced the reason for Victoria’s obsessive hatred of Sir John Conroy was because she believed he was behind the very strange circumstances of her father, The Duke of Kent’s death.

Although the Duke of Kent at the time of his untimely death, was fifty years of age, he was fit and strong. The fact that he succumbed to cold is, I purpose, acceptable, but that he died from this condition is very odd indeed. And how extremely convenient for him to suddenly die? Here you have an ambitious Sir John, who has been conducting a long term affair with the Duchess. The Duchess gives birth to his child who may well be the next in line to the throne.

Sir John had gained complete control of the rather ditsy Duchess, except for the fact that her husband the Duke was still alive. The Duke was a enormous problem anyway. He was broke. He was unstable, hugely disliked and feared by the royal household and most crucially, he was about to expose the liaison, send the Duchess back to Europe and take complete charge of the baby princess.

Why did the whole household pack up and move to a remote country cottage in the middle of one the coldest winter recorded for those times? Sir John arranged this bizarre move – to save money – he said. Sir John, was the Duke’s equerry and as such was in charge of all the Duke’s business. He had been highly instrumental in the Duke’s convenient and speedily arranged marriage to an unknown princess of an obscure German state. The Duke was abnormally childless while his brothers had numerous illegitimate offspring from their various mistresses. The situation in Britain was, at that time extraordinary in that mad King George had thirteen children and yet not one of them had produced a legitimate child between them. There was no heir to the throne. So it was rather surprising that only a few months after the royal marriage the Duke and Duchess pronounced that an heir to the throne was expected. It was even more weird that so soon after the princess Victoria’s birth, the Duke of Kent succumbed to a cold and died abruptly. This left the baby princess not only the heir to the throne of Great Britain but her hopeless mother, the possible Regent of Britain and Sir John totally in control of both of them!

The events and reasons leading up to this startling hypothesis are explained in great detail in the new historical novel “Victoria’s Royal Secret”

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