British Historical Mystery Fiction Or British Historical Fact?


November 25, 2011

The mystery surrounding Queen Victoria’s right to the throne is thoroughly researched in this new historical novel recently published on Amazon (both as a paperback and as an e-book). It is part fiction and part fact.

Victoria’s Royal Secret delves into the unanswered questions that no one dared to ask way back in the nineteenth century. Princess Victoria was born to the fourth son in line to the throne of Great Britain. Her chances of wearing the crown herself were minimum, yet one by one her uncles died leaving no legitimate heirs to the throne. Within a few years, while still a child, she was recognised as the next royal heir. What makes this unlikely set of circumstances really strange is that her father was fifty years of age when he suddenly married and within ten months of that his new foreign wife, the Duchess gave birth to a baby girl. Then, conveniently for her, with in another nine months he was dead. The Duchess had a lover and he was, I believe, Victoria’s father. I am convinced that the Duke was not Victoria’s biological father at all, that Victoria did not have a single drop of royal blood in her veins, and that the British public were desperate for a royal heir and were happily duped into accepting her as their next legitimate Queen.

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