Learn About Queen Victoria’s Secret


November 11, 2011

Queen Victoria was illegitimate – Victorian fiction or Victorian fact? This sensational thought becomes increasingly plausible in Victoria’s Royal Secret, a just launched historical mystery novel. This highly readable and fascinating book is now available from Amazon.com  as a paperback and as an e-book. This book is so thoroughly researched that one frequently forgets that the story is fiction. The novel is a cross-century jigsaw puzzle which plaits the destinies of three women who give their versions of a story that leads to its controversial conclusion.

Sarah, the modern heroine, inherits Princess Victoria’s missing diary along with the journal of Lady Flora Hastings, lady in waiting to the young princess. Her strand of the story follows her attempts to prove the diaries authentic and the involvement of the media to whom any revelation about royal infidelity is big news. And Sarah has infidelities of her own to contend with…
Lady Flora Hastings‘ journal suggests that she too is unlucky in love but there is a strong contrast between modern London and the repressed sexuality of the Victorian era. Her sad tale culminates in an ill-fated infatuation with Sir John Conroy, equerry to Queen Victoria’s mother. The hostility between Lady Sarah and the young queen climaxes in a scandalous accusation that helped bring down the Whig government. But Lady Flora has another card to play – the truth behind the strange and untimely death of Victoria’s father…
Princess Victoria’s diary contains further revelations about the role of Sir John when she discovers his relationship with her mother. Her insecurity is evident as she is manipulated by them in the politics of power. Her right to the throne will be threatened if the ailing king dies before her eighteenth birthday…
The strands of the story are linked by historical facts and scientific evidence from a new millennium search engine and all the pieces fall into place as it is revealed that Sir John is
not only Victoria’s natural father but the possible murderer of her royal father.

Victorian Fiction or Victorian Facts?

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